I do not have a roadbed yet, but I am going to make one. I am in the process of deciding what material to choose. Talk about lots of choices! Woodland Scenics makes commercial roadbed available in a variety of colors. The only problem? Price. About $10.00 per container? Unfortunately, I don't have that money to blow, since I would need probably 7-10 containers. Another option is cork roadbed. This wouldn't work for my layout, sice I have a lot of turnouts and sharp curves. I saw a neat type of roadbed on Ebay, a kind of foam roll that looks like rocks. I almost decided to go with this option, but like the cork roadbed It would be kind of hard to cut shapes for all my curves and turnouts. It probably would have cost about $30.00-$40.00, which isn't too bad, but is still expensive. Now I regret trading my old power-loc track set for the usual code-100  Then I had an "aha" moment when I was laying in bed one night. How about rock salt? I almost immediately shot that one down by thinking that the salty reidue would get ont he rails and cause them to rust. But then I redeemed it by remebering that there is a plastic underlay between the rails and the roadbed. Then again, maybe the salt would somehow go through the plastic or somehow still get on the rails and ruin them? I decided to run by Wal-Mart and see if they have such a thing as "rock sugar" or some other alternative to rock salt. If not, I'll get the rock salt and do some tests to see if it hurts the rails or not. I'll post more as soon  as possible.

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