Well, I've been toiling away on my plaster cloth mountain. I had to tear out a part and make it bigger so that my engine would fit through it. I picked up a package of Woodland Scenics Course Turf to put on it to make it a little more realisitc for now. I used some all-purpose Elmer's PVA glue mixed with some water and put in a spray bottle  to attach the turf. It worked pretty well, and it was a lot cheaper than Woodland Scenic's Scenic Cement. Hopefully I'll get some bushes to put on it too. I have some trees that I got off ebay, but I think I am going to need more. In the future I might put in an Ax-Men (Discovery Channel show) inspired logging operation in the future. Here's some pictures of my mountain (the black building is just a mock-up) :


Overview ( I was forced into the unfinished storage part of our house, as you can see in the background) :

Better vaccum up that dust soon! 

Zoomed in:

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